Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
    ~Zitate - Sprüche~
    Alltägliche Seifenblasen
    Music was my first love.
    Gedichte und Gedankenwolken


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raindrops of your life.

...when fear becomes one shadow, you can not see through.
...when you watch people screaming about their pain, their anger.
...when you hear that one person is changing
into one creature of pure hate, paranoia in her inside world.
...when you turn around and see one of your best friends standing, shouting your name after years of distance.
...when you listen "I love you" the first time, unexpected and then again and again.
...when you miss something, somebody and your heart stops beating.
...when you breath in and feel this deep happiness in one moment.
...when you remember so many good and bad times, repeating in your mind.

raindrops of your life. teardrops of crying.
tears of pain, anger, fear. tears of joy, satisfaction, surprise.
like a river inside. like an ocean of one world you create. like a salty lake of memories...


~sometimes you are inspired of music, of melodies that someone gives you. thanks to my friend. my blogging member, who inspired me to write today again. what i feel, think, what comes up, when i listen to his music and read his texts.~
27.6.17 19:31
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