Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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    Alltägliche Seifenblasen
    Music was my first love.
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Alina Baraz - Floating(feat. Khalid) Ekali Remix

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Just in a blink of an eye you catch my attention. Just take my hand and lead me into our world. World of memories, love bubbles, deep sea, ocean of feelings and thoughts. Almost two years later and it feels like I reach new levels with you and wanna play our game again and again. Maybe it is like with the game what we still play together. Our space where we once met. This crazy story with a beautiful ending. The end was one beginning, it was you who was standing there. You, who kept going. Me, who was just so curious. You, who just listened. Me, who just tried to catch your thoughts. Our connection of teamplay, to improve ourselves. This synergy of us developed over days to a friendship, then to much more. Every day and night. Crazy times. Still this time is quite present in my mind and my heart starts beating faster. I love the way our relation grew up, how we were floating in the digital world into the real world. Doesn`t matter with what problems, we kept moving, improving, helping each other and inspiring us to create something new. Again and again. And now we are here. Or I am here alone and think of you. Think of us, listening the sweet sound of this song and it fits so much to what I feel right now. Missing. Love. Sweet suffering, but knowing that in one week this will have an end. I am so proud of us, how we deal with every challenge, conflict, with all the rocks, that are standing in our ways sometimes. Inbetween we enjoy so much our time together, create new memory bubbles and lose ourselves in each other. Mi alma gemela <3
Espero, que todo continua, pero mejor. Porque tu estas conmigo, como gata y lince juntos en el campo de Extremadura o en mi jungla urbana...

by _anima_
8.3.19 00:29
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