Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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    Alltägliche Seifenblasen
    Music was my first love.
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I miss you.

I miss you
like the air to breath, when I fly to the Universe.
Miss you like the sun after rainy weeks.
I miss you like the moon misses the darkness.

Miss you like my heart breaks inbetween.
But it doesn`t break, only just jump of joy.
Joy to found one person like you.
One Man so strong and beautiful.

I miss your kisses, your touch, your breath.
Miss your words, what move me underneath.
I miss you, you and your voice through the phone.
Miss to see you come back home.

I miss you like the music misses the sound.
Like the silence of your eyes what is falling behind.
I miss to watch you thinking, sinking into your inside world.
Swimming in our memories, missing nothing but each other.
Meeting on the Island of our trust, our cloud nine.

I hope you are fine, I am thankful that you decided to be mine.
I wish you a good night. That the moon reflect the light of your eyes,
when you watch the clear skies.
That he follows you into the dark. Like he follows my path.
The path of missing you every day, just wishing that you can stay.

After so long time together, feels like it is forever.
And at the same time feels like time does not exist, it is only in our heads.
Everytime like the first day with you.
Gata y Lince. Like we use to say.

I miss you, every part of you, body and soul.
But you know.
Not long time anymore, then we can unite.
again...I love you.

by _anima_

Link zum Song - Dabin - Rings & Roses
28.2.19 22:56
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