Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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    Alltägliche Seifenblasen
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Never forget where you come from, where you will go and where the love is.

I wish I could just work it out in a different way.
I wish I could explain myself well.
I wish my expectations would be not so high.
I wish I would not hurt you at the same time.

I am sorry, that I lose my mind.
I am sorry for the feeling to be alone.
I am sorry for don`t respect you sometimes.
I am sorry, that I cannot stop crying.

I just want to share the time with you together.
That we create our world like it is not forever.
The time is running, I feel like I am losing it.
Maybe I wanna freeze these moments of pregnancy.
Maybe I just wanna enjoy and keep more seconds, more fotographies?

I do much to be prepared, to be good enough or maybe doing the best for us, for her.
The whole world changes, our world will change and I am so happy that she got one father, who can be there.
Actually only this matters. Nothing else.
Maybe I am so worried, emotionally filled with fears, because I remember my papa, who died before one year.

I am sorry for my words, things what I have fear about.
I wanna only talk with you and be open to understand all.
I don´t wanna lose us, the feeling of love and passion.
I miss you.

I wish I can be all...a good Mama, Lover, Caregiver and not all inbetween myself.
I need to find my role, my place and my balance. This needs time....I guess.
Maybe I have envy, because you can do what you want, you seem so strong, without fear and worries, positive and proud.

I am sorry for yesterday and days of conflict for knowing nothing after all.
I wish myself away and hope at the same time to be in your arms.
I love you, adore you and want the best for us. Growing up like one family.
One new step, what is big and beautiful. Unknown land, unwritten stories, responsability.

Let us enjoy the time together alone, before everything changes.
Let us remember the moments of this special time.
Let us keep the memories in pictures, words and stories, what we give to each others.
I am so happy about our own special story, how we met, explored our worlds, how we mastered our challenges of life.
I love you. Te amo mi amor.

by _anima_

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