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New year. 2020

Yeah new year!2020.
New expectations, new fears, new orientation?
I just try to find myself on the way, that I am walking.
Not only talking, just trying to change, adapt and go straight to create this, what I wanted, what I really needed.
Reflect my days, analyze my weeks, enjoy to make plans to dream of possible scenarios.
Go into progress and start organizing my month, special events, times for relaxing, objectives what I wanna reach.
But much more important are everytime the moments for me, where I can just be myself. right here, right now.
Live in the moment, time to remember, to be thankful, to enjoy with the people I love or with myself, my thoughts and important things.
Music, Writing, Exploring, Reading, Playing, Trying new things...
I light up the candle for the people what are gone,
to remember that it is never dark around us, only as dark as our hearts does not see the candles around them,
what show us the way back to ourselves at the end.
Lead us back to our true self and let us shine again.

2020. Be 0urselves. Be 0riginal...

by _anima_

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