Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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    Alltägliche Seifenblasen
    Music was my first love.
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For my L. - L.O.V.E.

Love like you are, with your stenghts and week points.

Overcome all your pain and hard memories oft the past.

Value the relationsship like a place for rest and opening up your heart.

Enjoy everything together with your body and soul.

Making plans for the future and celebrate the moments.

Accept your partners feelings and know what he needs.

Knowing yourself and your love, like connecting two minds.

Evolution of two souls, who can become one.

Sharing important moments, thoughts, values and differences.

Youthened by the deep feeling of connection and satisfaction.

Offering time and patience to listen to the other one.

Unite in difficult situations and remember, why you are together.

Seeing the beauty, the true self of your love.

Taking you in another world of feelings and thoughts.

Risk the possibility to get hurt by the other.

Open your mind for new possibilities and chances to take.

Notice new details, different perspectives.

Give chances, understanding and advices to develope.

Everytime I think of you, when I describe my feelings of love.

Respect your partner, like you said many times to me.

Love makes you stronger. Thank you so much for your unconditional love mi amor. You make me stronger everyday. Te amo. <3

by _anima_
7.9.19 11:22

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