Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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New year. 2020

Yeah new year!2020.
New expectations, new fears, new orientation?
I just try to find myself on the way, that I am walking.
Not only talking, just trying to change, adapt and go straight to create this, what I wanted, what I really needed.
Reflect my days, analyze my weeks, enjoy to make plans to dream of possible scenarios.
Go into progress and start organizing my month, special events, times for relaxing, objectives what I wanna reach.
But much more important are everytime the moments for me, where I can just be myself. right here, right now.
Live in the moment, time to remember, to be thankful, to enjoy with the people I love or with myself, my thoughts and important things.
Music, Writing, Exploring, Reading, Playing, Trying new things...
I light up the candle for the people what are gone,
to remember that it is never dark around us, only as dark as our hearts does not see the candles around them,
what show us the way back to ourselves at the end.
Lead us back to our true self and let us shine again.

2020. Be 0urselves. Be 0riginal...

by _anima_

Link zum Song - Billie Eilish - Everything I wanted
11.1.20 14:22


Zeit begrenzt?
Zeit ergänzt?
Zeit erfassend?
Die Zeit hassend.
Zu kurz der Moment.
Zu lang das Bedauern.
Zugleich bleibt die Erinnerung.
Doch Erinnerungen verblassen mit der Zeit.
Hass verschwindet mit der Zeit?
Was bleibt? Uneins oder Einigkeit?
Grenzen unseres eigenen Daseins.
Losgelöst von unserer Hülle?
Erfüllen Wünsche, die digital und virtuell sind.
Zu schnell, losgelöst von der Zeit wie ein Kind?

Hörst du sie ticken?
Die Zeit vergeht.
Mensch, der steht.
Maschinen, die uns ergänzen,
brechen unsere Grenzen.
Doch wo setze ich mich ein?
Was ist mir wichtig?
Was lenkt mich ab?
Was holt mich zurück?

Mit der Zeit heilen alle Wunden.
Wunder kommen von Zeit zu Zeit.
Steh im Weltenraum von Momenten.
Verschwimmen Zeit und Raum...
wirkt es wie im Traum.
Die eigene Wahrnehmung wirkt wie eine Selbstlüge.
Doch ist es nur eine Projektion unserer Erfahrungen und unseres Seins.
Zeitlos eins.

by _anima_

Link zum Song KLOUD - Humans
31.10.19 16:24

Droeloe x Pjotr V - World full of snakes.

~I’m living in a world full of demons
I’m living in a world full of snakes
I’m living in a world where it seems as,
everybody full gas no breaks.

I’m getting tired of the rules,
all hail to the king
while he is firing some fools.
I feel like I’m conspiring with tools,
though undeniably cruel,
I admire them too,

cause when I’m in it
I put, two fingers in your business
slithering in thick shit
looking for a thicc bitch
Listen, I can’t afford to be missing the shots
that I make so watch out for your pigeons

everybody's running for themselves now
all day scheming to keeping the brand loud.
whistling a song like it’s all good
all sweet money on demand now

I got nothing to lose ‘till there’s nothing left of it.
beggars can choose, acting a fool.
I’m a degenerate.

writing the president every day, working his will and his testament
carving a way, finessing, the whole way through
I’m a snake in the grass
I’m just like you.

I’m living in a world full of demons
I’m living in a world full of snakes
I’m living in a world where it seems as,
everybody full gas no breaks.

Clock my mentality,
To recognize yo type,
Yo ways of goin with the known hype,
You’ll stay in the snake pit, no life,
No venom in my veigns, cause you wont bite,

Thick skin, a mawfucka trynna begin,
To live in honesty and win-win situations,
temptations hide in yo face and,
Make way for the ratracin’ men,
Trynna find a space to be more than friends
bite you in the back with a venomous fang
Goin for the cake, they will break and bend,
Any code, any rule, any law, any damn fact
Trust me when i say all fame ends, mawfucka!~

Link zum Song - World full of snakes
19.10.19 21:30

For my L. - L.O.V.E.

Love like you are, with your stenghts and week points.

Overcome all your pain and hard memories oft the past.

Value the relationsship like a place for rest and opening up your heart.

Enjoy everything together with your body and soul.

Making plans for the future and celebrate the moments.

Accept your partners feelings and know what he needs.

Knowing yourself and your love, like connecting two minds.

Evolution of two souls, who can become one.

Sharing important moments, thoughts, values and differences.

Youthened by the deep feeling of connection and satisfaction.

Offering time and patience to listen to the other one.

Unite in difficult situations and remember, why you are together.

Seeing the beauty, the true self of your love.

Taking you in another world of feelings and thoughts.

Risk the possibility to get hurt by the other.

Open your mind for new possibilities and chances to take.

Notice new details, different perspectives.

Give chances, understanding and advices to develope.

Everytime I think of you, when I describe my feelings of love.

Respect your partner, like you said many times to me.

Love makes you stronger. Thank you so much for your unconditional love mi amor. You make me stronger everyday. Te amo. <3

by _anima_
7.9.19 11:22

Crying in the glass house.

Der Kampf ist zu Ende.
Es gibt kein zurück.
Es gibt keine Wende.
Nur der Frieden ist dein Glück.

Keine Schmerzen, kein Winden.
Kein Jammern, kein Schinden.

Schatten deiner Selbst im Labyrinth des Lebens.
Bilder als Projektionen, Erinnerungen vergebens.
Du ruhst in Frieden, findest deinen Weg ins Jenseits.
Der Kampf ist nicht verloren, deine Seele ist jetzt frei.

Es bleibt deine Hülle, sie wirkt zerfressen.
Deine Seele lebt weiter, deine Gedanken sind in mir.
Höre deine Worte. Seh dein Lächeln. Nie vergessen.
All meine Gedanken kreisen, sind stets bei dir.

Ein Teil von mir stirbt, ein Teil von dir lebt weiter in mir.
Trauer, die beginnt, zwischen all dem Chaos.
Deine Mutter verlor dich als Sohn, ich dich als Vater.
Im Meer von Tränen seh ich dich weitergehen...

Nur die Zeit wird diese Wunden heilen, den Verlust lindern.
~I'm waiting on the rain to come and wash it all away~

by _anima_

Link zum Song - Machine Gun Kelly - glas house
30.7.19 13:12

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