Wer ohne Liebe lebt, ist lebendig tot.
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    Music was my first love.
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Gedichte und Gedankenwolken

raindrops of your life.

...when fear becomes one shadow, you can not see through.
...when you watch people screaming about their pain, their anger.
...when you hear that one person is changing
into one creature of pure hate, paranoia in her inside world.
...when you turn around and see one of your best friends standing, shouting your name after years of distance.
...when you listen "I love you" the first time, unexpected and then again and again.
...when you miss something, somebody and your heart stops beating.
...when you breath in and feel this deep happiness in one moment.
...when you remember so many good and bad times, repeating in your mind.

raindrops of your life. teardrops of crying.
tears of pain, anger, fear. tears of joy, satisfaction, surprise.
like a river inside. like an ocean of one world you create. like a salty lake of memories...


~sometimes you are inspired of music, of melodies that someone gives you. thanks to my friend. my blogging member, who inspired me to write today again. what i feel, think, what comes up, when i listen to his music and read his texts.~
27.6.17 19:31

Parachute - Sevilla

Liebeskummer II.

If I could bottle up that feeling - I would have one room only full of bottles.
We need no parachute, because we trust in each other so much.
You are my parachute everytime when i am falling.
I got you so deep in my heart and my body vibrates, when i think of our good moments.
So many memories, so many things are coming up on my mind.
Stay in the bed in the dark, sweating, deep breathing, feeling you so close and your body.
Enjoy of beeing drunken through the streets of Sevilla. Yo vuelo...aahhh. Taking so much fotos of us, of everything
what we wanna remember. You give me this big flower and we share her beauty with the sea.
We are playing like kids on the playground and hang arround. You show me your power, your crazy smile.
I kiss you, i miss you, miss this moments of beeing together and just enjoy whatever we do.
You can also enjoy of the good food we eat. We explore and conquer so many bars and restaurants. Little spots, little chupitos for our bottle with feelings. I love to eat with you tortilla, drink with you cerveza, share with you helado and feel your kisses after all.
I remember the heat at home. You take care of my head, we take icecubes to cool down. I played with one on your skin that is everytime so hot like one vulcano. So sensitive and full of passion. I love to dance with you also this way in the flat or clap my hands to flamenco sounds. I see your big brown eyes and sink in like in the deep sea. Bottle up this feeling and send this bottle to you, to spain.
I love you. Te amo mi vida. I write this text and inbetween my mind shows me so many pictures quickly. It is like a movie, a really good dream. I am happy. Happy that this dream becomes true. That you are like you are. We are both un poquito crazy and love everything what is beautiful, fantastic and art. I remember play with you little big planet. Our little planet, like kids who explore one world of fears and joy. Take different things, mix them up, think different and find your way through this. This is like in life. We try our best, we live our version of love and i enjoy every step with you in this world. Let us take this memories and remember with one tear in our eyes. Tears of joy, of desire and the feeling of letting go again. But i am here for you whenever you need me. You know. I know. We know each other so much...


Link zum Sing Krewella - Parachute
12.6.17 09:57

Trauer I.

Manche denken an das, was sie vermissen.
Manche weinen sich in den Schlaf.
Einige bleiben bis zum Schluss und lassen nicht los.
Einige stehen bei und machen sich groß.
Wenige beten für eine Wiederkehr.
Wenige machen sich Vorwürfe.
Keiner kann wegschauen und vergessen.
Keiner kann ungeschehend machen, was war.

Alle trauern auf ihre eigene Art und Weise.
Alle wissen wie es ist, etwas zu verlieren...
oder sich von etwas, von jemandem zu trennen.

Reading the lines of the broken...

by _anima_

Link zum Song - DROELOE x San Holo - Lines of the Broken (feat. CUT_)
16.5.17 21:17

Life in Boxes - Lebensschubladen.

Describe mi vida, beschreib mein Leben, describe it with words.
etapas diferentes, Farben eines Schmetterlings, freedom of speech.
Yo amo el amor, ich liebe den Augenblick, love to remember everything of my life, every detail.

I was writing so much of my life, the different phases, periods of love, fear and questions of freedom. I see life like a puzzle of stones and flowers. Everytime you give in all of your potential and you deserve, what you get. Sometimes stones, sometimes flowers. They can grow inbetween, when you water them. The stones can also break, when you try to break them with different strategies.
Die Menschen in meinem Leben geben mir nicht nur Halt. Sie erinnern mich an das, was ich bin, das was ich war und sein möchte. Genauso zeigen sie mir, was ich nicht sein möchte oder versuche zu verhindern. Projektionen meines Lebens, die sich immer im Spiegel meiner Selbst brechen und neu ausrichten. Ein Mobile, was tanzt und sich bewegt. Ich bin am stärksten, wenn ich meine Gefühle zeigen kann, sie versuche zu verstehen und mein offenes Herz und mein kritischer Geist neue Nahrung bekommt. Gleichzeitig sind meine Lebensschubladen wie Anker für mich, an die ich mich gern zurückerinnere, egal ob es weh tut oder bittersüß ist.
A veces todo se repite. Parece como una película. El momento está en punto muerto, la imagen se queda en mi cabeza. Pero cuando se cambió y se lo percibe, te llenas de alegría. Yo amo el cambio y yo vivo el cambio. La vida nunca termina. Solo en nuestros pensamientos...
Life in boxes, like in one scene, like in one song, like one box of my closet. I filled everything with words, sounds, smells and pictures.
Momente verfliegen so schnell, sind fragil wie ein Schmetterling. Flüchtig, sodass man sie kaum einfangen kann. Doch das Gefühl bleibt. So tief und eindringlich in uns selbst. Grenzenlos. Ohne Worte. sprachlos.
final. sin un fin...

Link - Album Yoe Mase - Life In Boxes
5.5.17 20:59

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

I try to transform my feelings that i`ve got.
Try to help myself, reflect the time we had.
So beautiful this flower, what developes every day.
màs y màs.

You give the water in, try to help me with your love.
We send our positive feelings from above.
Conflicts are like a storm in spring for us.
màs y màs.

But the storm is worth for build up something new,
something stronger and deeper.
You are my mirror, my reflection and I keep it.
màs y màs.

Necesitamos un fundamento para nuestro amor.
Pero nos somos el fundamento nuestros pensamientos.
Mi mente, mi corazon, mi alma.
Tu me das la luz para reflejar nuestra viaje.
más y màs.
muchas graciás...mi lince.

by _anima_

Dame la libertad del agua de los mares,
Dame la libertad de la tormenta,
Dame la libertad de la tierra misma,
Dame la libertad der aire....


Link Foyone - Mar Rojo
5.5.17 15:14

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